Weber BBQ’s – gas or charcoal?

When it comes to barbecuing, Weber are the go-to company – they have a quality product with a design to suit all needs and pockets.

The first choice to make when deciding on a bbq is charcoal or gas. Charcoal barbecues are for purists who want to barbecue the way it’s always been done.  They are prepared to spend a little extra time preparing the briquettes and creating the perfect glowing embers to cook on.   Entry level kettle bbq’s such as the Smokey Joe start at £49.99 and are ideal for picnics.  Our Weber 47cm compact kettle  offers a larger cooking area for a larger gathering – OFFER PRICE £59.99.


The Q series from Weber is a modern, mobile version of gas barbecue, ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade from their charcoal barbecue but just wants to get off to a quick start without having to think too much about it.  Just press a button and the bbq is lit. It is perfect for people who want to barbecue often and anywhere. – the park, the caravan, camping or on the patio. We stock Weber’s Q1200 complete with stand – OFFER PRICE £249.99.