Two new lawn products at Avant

I am almost embarrassed to discuss the first of the latest two lawn products to hit the garden centre – it’s….ARTIFICIAL!

But in the true fashion for “hygge” and artificial fronds in textured vases sitting on natural wooden surfaces surrounded by knitted, linen and home spun materials, maybe there is a place for a real-look fake lawn in our garden??

Luxury artificial turf

I mean, we have sold artificial turf in the past but the handy, pre-cut pieces of very natural looking grass from Kelkay make it both convenient and good value for money at £59.99 or 2 for £100.

Even if you don’t plan to overhaul your lawn at home, for those with holiday homes a few carefully laid pieces could keep maintenance to a minimum  – and holidaying to a max!

The second great new product comes from our compost supplier.  Safe Lawn is a new way of feeding and boosting the grass in your garden whilst killing moss – but you don’t have to exclude animals and children whilst it has time to work.

Safe Lawn contains a micro-organism that kills moss without creating black patches.  It is not an instantaneous effect but works gradually over time, removing thatch, thickening the root layer and developing top growth to form and all round healthy lawn.

Safe Lawn

Safe Lawn

Obviously if you buy the first product you won’t need the second!

I know which I will be trying out this Spring.