Seeing double

I know a number of our customers haven’t quite got used to the almost Sliding Doors effect twin sisters, Diane and Anita Harrison, have at Avant on the days when they are both working.

Both are tall  and attractive (according to my Dad when trying to send friends to visit us – the short, shall we say, less attractive sisters to Avant!) and sport short, funky hairdos.  They are amazingly creative as seen with hanging baskets, containers, shop displays and the like and funnily enough, celebrate their birthday on the same day together every year!

di-and-nit-b-day-4 di-and-nit-b-day-3

Well this year was a big one for them.  They are now officially what we term at Avant as “a certain age”.



So I hope you will all join in wishing them both a very Many Happy Returns of the Day today – if you can work out which one you are talking to!