RHS reveal the top ten garden diseases for 2015

Honey fungus is still public enemy number one on the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual list for the 19th year running whilst Box Blight takes the second spot.

Box blight is of great concern to gardeners as it attacks foliage and discolours leaves      leaving brown and bald patches.

box blight

At one time there is no specific fungicide available to tackle it, but now there is Fungus Fighter Plus.   It contains the Bayer active ingredients trifloxystrobin and tebuconazole and so protects, controls and eradicates a broad spectrum of diseases including this dreaded blight.  The combination of these actives also means Fungus Fighter Plus has both a contact and systemic action, so it is fast-acting and gives long lasting protection of up to three weeks.

The RHS does not have a cure for  Honey Fungus as yet though researchers are looking for ways to manage the disease by investigating how to accelerate the breakdown of honey fungus residues to allow gardeners to replant susceptible plants more quickly in areas that have been affected by the disease.