One of the best gifts for Mother’s Day ever – laughter

On any day of the week, it is not unusual to find our customers huddled around the books on sale at Avant, having a little chuckle together.  Here are a few ideas to spread the mirth with your nearest and dearest on Mother’s Day.

The Ladybird book of How it Works: The Mum is top of our list. Written in the original Ladybird typeface and with illustrations from a bygone era, you could be fooled into thinking this book is one of the original series.  Covering such important aspects of a Mum’s life from the essentials she carries in her handbag (“she worries that the handbag police might caution her for not carrying enough wet wipes or emergency bananas”) to the use of bribery when shopping with children (“Liz tells herself that if she puts the Tangfastics on a plate with enough tomato ketchup, they probably count as a vegetable”), this book is a certainty to get empathetic Mums rolling with laughter.

For new Mums-to-be The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady – a Parody is a lovely little gift sure to raise a knowing smile. Presented in the same (wipeable!) hard back copy as The Hungry Caterpillar, the book has a feel which many parents, grandparents and extended family will be familiar with from the many of hours of reading the original story with younger family members – the only difference here being the subject matter.

And after Sunday 26 March (you did know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, didn’t you?!), don’t despair.  If you have forgotten to buy a gift, there’s always Enid Blyton for grown-ups in the form of Five Forget Mother’s Day.  You may get away with buying this as a gift after the event and still evoke a positive reaction.  But be warned, this spoof series reimagines the characters as adults using adult material and phrases throughout so stick with flowers or a pot plant if you’re not sure!