Know your onions

As I write this, the onion set display is rapidly depleting! So just a word of advice…

Most keen veg gardeners know to plant onions as soon as the ground can be worked in spring, usually late March or April, keeping a watchful eye out for frost.  But what they don’t plan for is lack of choice of variety because supplies have sold out.

Onions at Avant

Onions at Avant

We have an ample supply of potatoes at the time of writing but even these have been known to sell out before some gardeners have even considered whether they are after a salad harvest or chipping spuds.

We stock a smaller range of onions so once they are gone, they are gone!  And the recent news about shortages of certain veg in the supermarket will not have helped matters.

So get your act together earlier this year.  Plan your veg plot and then aim to get hold of what you need in terms of seed, sets and tubers just as soon as practicably possible.  Stored in a cool dry place protected from mice and the like, they will not come to harm before planting time.