If you’re in need of some Mother’s Day Inspiration

…then look no further.  Since becoming a Mum, Mother’s Day has been a lot easier to become inspired about.  Perhaps it’s the shortness of spare time or my age (God forbid!) that’s made me more appreciative of this Mum-indulgent time of year, but a pot of daffs, a fashionable gifty trinket or a little whatnot to style my own hygge-influenced nest is enough to keep me happy.

Lovely Louise has been putting her gift wrapping skills to the test giving you more than enough choice of houseplants, spring-flowering shrubs and flowery bedding plants in an array of pretty containers to pick from.

If, like my Mum, anything living in a pot doesn’t for long, then a display of artificial roses, just ideal for that empty spot on the landing window ledge, may be the way ahead.

And if you haven’t looked around our gift area and been inspired for gifts for anyone, let alone your Mum, then I think you must  have been wearing your scarf too high this winter!





As I don’t trust myself to remember to extinguish a lit candle (don’t forget, I’m the time-pushed type of Mum who stands a good chance of reaching work having forgotten to drop the kids at school!), perfumed reed diffusers are my guilty pleasure and thankfully we stock a fragrance for every occasion.

But aside from the pretty, there’s the practical (although the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive).  Our cotton aprons and tea towels are just the ticket for the Mother’s Day  equivalent of a stocking filler – to wrap around that very expensive Royal Doulton tea pot you have bought for her!

And finally I just want to remind you it is the thought that counts in this, the ultimate photo bomb.  We don’t suggest you invest in £1000 worth of lifelike resin cow for your Mum but the stunning gift wrapped Hydrangea in the foreground would definitely go down a treat and certainly doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as a way to show you care.