Celebrity Visitor Rickon

For GOT addicts, a visit by Rickon might cause a stir but in this case it’s a more spiny version.  Rickon is our hedgehog celebrity today at Avant.

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Jannette from SnJ’s Wildlife Rescue Centre is passionate about informing children and adults alike about our hedgehog friends and what we should all be doing to ensure their future.  She is keen to raise funds, donations or even interest in helping or becoming a hedgehog carer and has an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on to any willing volunteers!

At the very least, we can all help by gardening with hedgehogs in mind, as well as introducing our children to the natural world, right through to buying products that will last resulting in fewer vehicles on the road and fewer hedgehog deaths.

If you would like to help, just ask at Avant for information on what type of donations she needs – thank you!