August’s Art-Fest

Avant Gardens warmly invites you to view the new works of Leyland’s local artists displayed in Cafe Gallery from 31 July for the month of August.  Two of our highlighted artists this month are Anne Worsnop and Sue Burton.

art anne 2 art sue 1

After many years of visiting art exhibitions, Anne took up painting when given some basic materials as a present.  Anne is largely self taught and works in watercolour although she is beginning to explore pastel and what can be achieved working with mixed media.

Sue is a local photographer who for the last 8 years has been shooting landscapes in England, Wales and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  Sue unveils her stunning new collection of panoramic views captured on her latest tour of the country although a greater selection of her work is available to view at 

Both evoke a sense of the wonder and enormity of the countryside.