5 easy ways to get the Chelsea look in your garden

We all love a bit of Chelsea here at Avant and, a bit like the high street with the fashion runways of Paris, we are always trying to find ways to introduce a similar style at home. Here are 5 relatively simple steps we think could be used to replicate Chelsea in your own garden…

1. Vertical Planting
Examples were everywhere at Chelsea this year allowing some of the smaller exhibitors to make the most of limited space.

Creating a “living wall” maximises the space available and creates impact and with the latest innovative products, such as Wonderwall, is not difficult to achieve or maintain.

2.  Roses

Cottage gardens are back! Known for their fantastic fragrance, some repeat flowering, as well as long-lasting colour, roses are the epitome of cottage garden style.

3.  Grow your Own

Could be a response to the veg supply issues earlier in the year but growing for flavour is a key trend, as shown by Chris Evans Taste Garden, created in collusion with Mary Berry.


4.  Animal Sculptures
Sculptures of all shapes and sizes were scattered around Chelsea this year. Highlights included grass covered teddy bears, woven metal rutting stags and willow art.  This kind of thing is easy to reproduce with some carefully chosen ornaments.  Start off small and incorporate into planted borders.

5.  Houseplants

The trend for Hygge continues, with succulents, orchids and ferns featuring highly.  Not all will survive a winter outside however but at least a garden is not essential for this bit of your own Chelsea revival!