Feel the (Lancashire) burn

Most barbecue charcoal sold in Britain is imported from tropical rainforests and mangroves but its much better if it’s produced locally and near to ‘the point of sale’ and done in a sustainable way that actually promotes woodland growth and doesn’t harm it.

Lancashire charcoalThis is where Greenwood Twiggs come in. They manage small woodlands in Lancashire producing all sorts of coppiced products in a sustainable way, like hurdles, pea & bean sticks, planters, rustic furniture, charcoal, bird feeders, carved mushrooms, furniture,  gates, plant supports, rustic poles and gypsy flowers.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, that’s the point that you find out the makers of all these wonderful products are two women with the names “Twiggy” and “Greenwood”.

Avant are stocking many of these fabulous products now. Lancashire charcoal starts from £4.99 a bag.